Regalia Photo Features – Lady in Red

Over the next few weeks/days I’ll be posting my favourites out of the photos I took at Regalia, please enjoy them. Regalia is a beautiful fashion event which celebrated Lolita fashion subculture in the UK.
I almost couldn’t help myself editing these two photos first – we hijacked the snowy background from behind the door and I think the grey coldness of the backdrop really makes the red in the outfit pop. Her face is also sweet and cold at the same time, I just think the whole outfit is so beautiful. My only regret is the wrinkled backdrop, but there was nothing that could be done about it on the day.
If you’d like to contact me to photograph or video your event or face, please contact me!

This is probably one of my favourite portraits I’ve ever taken! I’m secretly not-so-secretly super proud of myself for getting these shots.

More Summer Goth

nadina o
Dress: Somerset by Alice Temperley (scored for £18 because it had a lipstick stain)
Necklace: Creepyyeha
Bag and shoes: Dr Martens
Bracelets: Azendi and MQ by Alexander McQueen
Socks: Topshop
I went out to Manchester for the day with my parents and wore this half feminine half tough look. These kind of looks are my favourite because I love soft, drapey things with LEATHER. This dress is a really soft, lovely 40’s feeling tea dress to me. When I first tried it on I was wearing a big pair of red Dr Martens boots and I could just picture myself with a scarf tied around my head and my hair in pin curls like “when will my husband return from the war?”

I also had a haircut! I love the actual cut and my curls have turned out so beautiful but I wish he hadn’t had to take so much length off it. The style was done by Stephen at Spellbound hairdressers in Liverpool city centre. He is a great hairdresser and actually knows how to cut curly hair! If you, like me, have curly hair you’ll know that people often try to cut it the same way they’d cut straight hair and it just looks horrible. Stephen actually HAS curly hair so he knows the struggle.
Here’s a photo of it on the day I got it done. The curls are really beautiful, and I suppose it’s not that short but I’ve always loved having really long hair so it feels mega short to me. He barely used any products or heat to get it like this and I feel like I could probably do it myself at home too. The good thing about hair is that it does grow back, so I’m not too bothered about the short length right now.

A week off!

My parents have been home for the past week, so we’ve been out and about all this week and I’ve not had a lot of time to blog. It’s been a nice little mini-staycation but I’m quite ready to get back into it right now.

Recently a post came up on my Facebook timehop from 2010 that said “Sometimes I wish I could dress like a complete weirdo and not care, but my greater sensibilities always take hold.”

Well, that’s not a problem any more! I’m still getting odder by the day – for example in the photo below I am wearing socks and sandals and I think it’s the coolest thing despite my parents looking at me like I’d emerged from my room draped in a winter coat made of mingeflaps.

Necklace: Creepyyeha
Top: HOLE t-shirt from the happy shack in Camden
Skirt: Warehouse
Bag: Dr Martens
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Office
I feel like I’ve perfected my summer goth look just in time for the weather to totally mess everything up for me…