Fujiwara-san Q+A

I just finished my edit of the Fujiwara-san question and answer session yesterday and it uploaded today! If you would like to learn more about Japanese fashion and specifically Innocent World, or just a bit more about subculture fashion then I would definitely recommend that you take a look! Please enjoy.

Regalia Highlights Video!

I finished working on this a while ago, but was having some issues with the copyright – it turns out it was picking up the background music at the end. I’ve had to awkwardly silence it but please enjoy nonetheless!

Regalia Photo Features – The Ringmaster

Do you miss my stupid articles and posts that I was writing? I kind of miss writing them, but I’m still really enjoying these photos. These girls are so beautiful and creative, I love all the effort and imagination they put into their looks – I could take pictures of these girls five ever. That’s one longer than forever.

Regalia Photo Features – Ascension

I love this holy look, I think the colour of the hair beautifully compliments the lighter tones in the skirt and the pearls in the headdress echo the design of the dress. I caught this photo just right to make Georgia, who you’ve probably seen a bunch of times in my posts, look like she’s about to ascend right up to heaven!

Regalia Photo Features – Two for Tea

These ladies totally looked ready to enjoy some very dignified high tea. I love the use of blue and pink in both outfits, they look sweet but mature. The hats and bonnets are also very interesting, I don’t think you would see many similar items outside of this fashion style.

Regalia Photo Features – Brand ‘ho!

I love the contrast between the faces of both of the pirates in this photo. One looks so fierce and stunning and the other is so adorable and lovely! They’re here to pillage all your accessories! Oh no! I actually think they’re both incredibly cool people too; to be honest my hands were shaking a lot during all of these photos because I think everyone is so interesting that I have trouble holding my composure together – I’m a big nerd at the end of the day.